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Ideas for discussion at the meeting of our Master Trainers at their 3 days meeting in August 2020 in Paris

Nandana & Karl say thank you to Virginie & Philippe who offered that this meeting can take place in their institute in Paris, to Angela and Bento who had the idea of the meeting in February 2019 at trainings in Brazil, to Habiba & Sehil from Tunisia, Virginie & Philippe from France, Angela from Germany, Bento from Brazil, and Richard from New Zealand, who decided the date at our World Congress in Tunesia in March 2019.  

Nandana & Karl explain the fundamental idea of our associations that Master Trainers inspire and learn from each other. The founding idea of our associations goes back to the year 2000 where we offered in Berlin an integrated NLP Trainer and Coach training. In this training 11 NLP Master Trainers from 7 NLP Institutes in Berlin, who were competitors worked for the first time together and learned from each other. Their enthusiasm and inspiration for successful communication could increase magic, empathy and love in everyday life.  

Part of learning from each other could be to intensify the way training participants share what they have learned for free in social institutions and in all areas of their lifes.

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