Dr. Lucas Derks had his defense at the UCN in Managua

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Dr. Lucas Derks had his defense at the UCN in Managua

Dr. Lucas Derks achieved his Dr. in Psychology at the UCN with the topic Social Panorama

After Dr. Lucas Derks held a 2 days workshop on Social Panorama in Managua he had his defense the next day at the Universidad Central de Nicaragua (UCN).
The title of his dissertation:


What cognitive psychotherapies – like CBT, NLP and Ericksonian hypnotherapy – reveal about the workings of the mind. A theoretical analysis over 35 years of clinical experimentation.
Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology with a focus in Neurolinguistic Psychology (NLPsy)

The UCN has a Faculty for Psychology where experienced NLP experts may study with the topic of Neuro Linguistic Psychology:

Dissertations at the UCN: www.ucn.edu.ni/posgrados/international-school-of-psychology/more-about-the-isp

Here is his dissertation: www.ucn.edu.ni/media/2016/12/Dr-Lucas-Derks-NLPsy.pdf 

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