International Systemic Constellation Master Trainer Rebecca Szeto

International Systemic Constellation Master Trainer Rebecca Szeto

"Constellation Master Trainer, WSCO"

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Solution Group

International Systemic Constellation Master Trainer Rebecca Szeto is head of the experienced institute: Solution Group.

WSCO President of China

International Systemic Constellation Master Trainer Rebecca Szeto is WSCO President of China.

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About International Systemic Constellation Master Trainer Rebecca Szeto


Systemic Constellations




International Systemic Constellations Facilitator and Trainer


Rebecca studied Systemic Constellations in Germany, trained by the originator Bert Hellinger and many other prominent practitioners in Europe. She was the first to receive the Hellinger Sciencia® Diploma in 2008, a member of the German Systemic Constellation Association (DGfS), and Mind Dynamics (Silva Mind, USA).


Rebecca traveled with Bert Hellinger on his First Asia Tour in 2002 and later in 2003, which included workshops, supervision, and training in China, Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. This opportunity brought about a deep and profound understanding of Hellinger’s latest developments and his work in different cultures. She contributed articles about her learning and observations, published in the International Systemic Constellations journal in English, and translated into German.



Rebecca has been facilitating Systemic Constellations globally since 2001 and is often invited as the speaker at the International Conferences. Her caring, authentic, and gentle style, and sometimes authority style have captivated people worldwide.

Countries she conducts the training, and seminars include:

- Asia (China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan),

- Middle East (Kuwait, Egypt, Turkey),

- Europe (Austria, Belgium, England, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Slovenia, Croatia),

- Other countries (Australia, Canada, United States, Tunisia, and Brazil)


T.V. Appearance

She hosted an Interactive Television program ''Relationship 360°'' in Hong Kong and invited as “Special Psychologist” to present Family and Systemic Constellation works over 28 episodes on one of the prime television programs in China.



Corporate and Business Experience

Before becoming an International Systemic Constellation Facilitator, Rebecca has had over 16 years of experience in Corporate Management and Consultancy. She had managed the Information System group in eleven countries in the Asia Pacific, taught Information Systems at the University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Chinese University.


Rebecca is gifted with the intuitive quality that makes her work exceptionally powerful. Participants in her workshops have given comments such as "Rebecca is a deep and connected master of her craft... her manner is at once effective, considerate, insightful…” and "Rebecca is very perceptive and I felt she was communicating with each one even without speaking".


Lately, Rebecca also focuses on new methods using a Sentence of Intention as a starting point. This is a self-encounter method, very quickly reveals the deep unconscious structure behind any situations, it is great for personal developments and business strategies.




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