These cards are in German language as a card set available from Amazon here.

They are developped from Nandana Nielsen and Karl Nielsen.

Here for free the translated versions

in English and in Spanish as PDF and PowerPoint.

English Version as PDF and as PowerPoint

Spanish Version as PDF and as PowerPoint

We apologise, for the translations from the German version into English and Spanish are not perfect. Please send us corrections and we will update the English and Spanish versions.

They include:

  • 5 fundamental ideas of NLP (NLP-Axioms)
  • 10 important competencies for NLP-Techniques
  • 34 step by step NLP-Techniques (NLP Practitioner content)

In the NLP & Coaching Institut Berlin we used these cards for our 20 days "NLP-Practitioner, IN" training for our flipcharts and as handouts.

Weekend 1 "NLP Introduction & Goals": cards nr. 1 to 9, 18 to 20

Weekend 2 "Body-Language": cards nr. 7 to 17

Weekend 3 "Self-Management": cards nr. 21 to 24

Weekend 4 "Anchoring": cards nr. 25 to 28

Weekend 5 "Reframing": cards nr. 29 to 30

Weekend 6 "Submodalities": cards nr. 31 to 34

Weekend 7 "Meta- & Milton-Model": cards nr. 35 to 42

Weekend 8 "Timeline": cards nr. 43 to 45

Weekend 9 "Strategies": cards nr. 46 to 48

Weekend 10 "Metaphern & Testing": cards nr. 49 to 50

About the Author:

Karl Nielsen

Last updated on 2019-01-29

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